Worldgarden of trees in Mongolia

We start a very big project in Mongolia : planting a tree for every Mongolian, and every citizen of the world, who supports us. In Zaamar. This area is looking like the surface of the moon : one hole beside the next, because thousands of people were digging there for gold. Goldrush, mongolian Ninja’s, gold companies from overall of the world.

Today, nobody can live there any longer. All is polluted, the soil, the water, the rivers, the lakes. The mongolian herdeners lost their lifestock, their homes, their income, their future, their hope …

We have a concept and the will to re-cultivate the area in Central Mongolia, 180 km west of Ulaanbataar. With meadows, shrubbs, bushes, trees.

But : We need help. Everybody’s help. YOUR HELP !


Über World Garden Mongolia

I have a dream. I want a green Mongolia. In the past years there was a goldrush in Zaamar. Result is a destroyed lamdscape. Looks like the moon. The poeple lost their home, their lifestock, their income, the nature, the base of theit life. The Luur river is destroyed and heavily polluted, the soil is destroyed, the groundwater is poisened. My dream is planting trees in Zaamar. Trees, bushes, shrubs. Green meadows with flowers and animals. Singing birds. Every Mongolian gets a tree in Zaamar. His own, his personal tree. With his/ her name on it, to find the roots, to symbolize the family, and to show the importance of a green and clean environment. Nothing is as mighty as an idea at the right time !
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